Better Late Than Never…

January 3rd, 2013 | Posted by J. T. in Uncategorized


Happy New Year! I hope the “Year of 13” is a good one for all!

A little over 3 years ago, I recorded and submitted a rhythm guitar track for a song called “2 Ways” that was slated to be included on Methods of Mayhem’s 2nd album A Public Disservice Announcement. Tommy Lee and company set up a website called The Public Record where musicians from all over the world could download a rough mix of the various MoM tracks, add their spin to it, then send it back with the hope that their part would be included on the album (click here to read more about the process).

Well, the album was released in September 2010, but I just officially found out last month (a few days before Xmas to be exact) that my guitar track was included on the record. Track #6, “2 Ways”. I guess the band and Scott Humphrey (Producer) chose a little over 100 submissions for the entire project out of 10,000+. I consider this a great honor not only because I was selected to be a part of something that made music history, but also because I have been a huge fan of Tommy Lee and Motley Crue since I was a kid. Rock and roll!

Finally, on a side note, because I produced the original score for the WLFK film On The North Coast, I received another IMDb listing. My personal profile page is here.

Thanks for reading!

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