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March 7th, 2014 | Posted by J. T. in Uncategorized

Happy New Year…even though it’s now March!  It’s been a rough and extremely cold winter here in Cleveland, but as usual, I dealt with it by spending the majority of January and February writing and recording new songs.  In January, I began work on a “yet-to-be-titled” solo ep at the newly revamped Track Six Studios.  This set will feature tracks like “Crank It Up (2-10)” and “L5 Blues”; however, it’s still early in the process so this album will probably see a late summer/early fall release.

That said, Brandon (Youngs – Track Six owner) and I took February off so we could each work on our respective albums for the 2014 RPM Challenge.  Brandon is producing the 2nd Poor Ass Leon album, and I knocked out another J TEMP 13 project entitled Minute to Kill It, an album of 10 tracks that are each a minute long (give or take a couple seconds).  It was written and recorded February 8 – 28 at Studio 13 and mastered by Brandon with artwork by Dennis Baker (see below).  I plan to release the album this spring via digital download and CD.  The disc will contain bonus tracks that were recorded over the past couple years with most being unreleased.  The tentative track list is below as well…

charlie RPM 2014 cover_0001







J TEMP 13 – Minute to Kill It

  1. The Delta Vibe
  2. Outta Yo Head
  3. Pantera
  4. New Mark
  5. WHH
  6. Plus Size Pixie
  7. Inverted Red Star
  8. N.M.T.
  9. Shot Down
  10. Any of This

CD Bonus Tracks…

11.   Still Have A Soul (Templeman & Youngs)

12.  Power of Tan (Previously released as Alice & Ace Disgrace)

13.  Sorry (from the short film Independence Day)

14.  Wasted Popp (unused track from the On the North Coast sessions)

15.  Dinner with Vampires (from the upcoming WLFK film The Demon Odyssey)

16.  When Angels Fall (from the short film Fallen Plans)

“Outta Yo Head” was selected as the track that will be played during the RPM World Listening Party later this month and “Shot Down” was submitted to Songfight! for the week of March 10th.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting this site, it’s pretty cool.  So, please check it out and cast your vote for J TEMP 13!

Finally, in addition to writing and recording, the past few weeks have been eventful to say the least.  HH&C returned to the stage in late January to start our 9th year in existence (hard to believe), SHA reunited a couple weeks back after a year+ hiatus and will be playing party tunes all spring and summer long at an establishment near you and finally, my only sibling, Tara, gave birth to her first child, Noah Michael on February 27th.  Check out his pic below…he’s a keeper!

Noah - Day 3







That’s all for now.  Until next time…


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