Hello!  I hope the first 3+ months of 2016 have treated you well.  It’s been another extremely busy, yet productive winter.  My way of dealing with the cold and snow is to spend as much time as I can in the studio writing and recording, and this year was probably my most constructive ever!

In mid-February, Hot Ham & Cheese rented a cabin in southern Ohio for a few days to complete the writing process for our next album.  We plan to hit the studio in late summer/early fall, but the video above is a little teaser of what’s to come.

The day I returned from the cabin, Brandon Youngs and I began work on the 2nd GWAZI album.  After nine intense days of writing and recording, we emerged with XVI.  More details are forthcoming, but the album will most likely see an early summer release via Jib Machine.

Then last month, I recorded four solo acoustic tracks and am scheduled to record another four this month.  These songs will be part of a bigger project that I hope to release this fall.  Again, more details coming soon.

Finally, now that the weather is starting to break, the gig season is ramping up again.  Below are dates scheduled for this spring thus far…

Saturday, April 23rd – CWRU Hudson Relays – Cleveland, 9am (DJing)

                                             – Hiram College Private Party – Hiram, 9pm (JT & the Cube)

Sunday, May 1st – Private Event @ SmartSpace – Cleveland, 8pm (DJing)

Saturday, May 7th – AFK Night at the Races Fundraiser – Girard, 7pm (DJing)

Friday, May 13th – Kamm’s Cafe – Cleveland, 9pm (SHA)

Saturday, May 14th – The 9 (Opening for David Curtis) – Cleveland, 7pm (J TEMP 13)

Saturday, June 4th – Private Event – Cleveland, 6pm (DJing)

Friday, July 29th – Kamm’s Cafe – Cleveland, 9pm (SHA)

Thursday, August 4th – ICAA Summer Conference Event – Toledo, 9pm (SHA)

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading!