On The North Coast


Original score for OTNC was written, produced and performed by J TEMP 13 (click here for more info).

Other 13 Recordings/Jib Machine tracks in the film…

On The North Coast (Vegas Lou’s Theme) – Pontius Pilot (previously unreleased)

Dead People – Stark Hot Assassin (previously unreleased)

Into the Fog – Eli Fletcher (Stop This Bus via Jib Machine)

Holy Attitude – the j. pyramid (complexity of simplicity)

Naked Ambition – “Slowhand” Jack Labgold (Naked Ambition via Jib Machine/13 Recordings)

Chimp Blow Gun – The Drug Fux (released as a digital single via Jib Machine)

White Russian – J TEMP 13 (previously released)

Irish Car Bomb – The Drug Fux (previously released)

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