Hello 2015…

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Greetings and Happy New Year!  I know it’s June, but due to my crazy schedule and procrastination skills, I’ve finally put some time aside to actually sit down and write a thoughtful post.  Although it’s been somewhat quiet on the 13 Recordings front, there’s been a lot going on in the world of Jib Machine, including a new logo and website launching this summer, a slew of new releases (see below) and unfortunately, saying goodbye to artist and friend “Slowhand” Jack Labgold.

Gwazi01 - Cover







On Friday, June 5, Jib Machine issued its first release in over 18 months, Gwazi – The Rise and Fall of the Indigo InnThe new project, featuring myself and Brandon Youngs, was initially created for the 2015 RPM Challenge.  The album was fully written and recorded over the course of 2 weeks this past February, and the result is an energetic fusion of hardcore punk and metal.  Click the link above to pick up your copy on CD or digital download!

That said, there are still plenty more Jib Machine releases on the horizon for the 2nd half of 2015.  Some of these include…

The Hostile Omish – Live album (Title TBD)

Hot Ham & Cheese – X Sessions

Guitarman (performing songs by Eli Fletcher) – Nitty Gritty City EP

J TEMP 13 – self-titled EP

“Slowhand” Jack Labgold Tribute Album

And, Jib Machine and 13 Recordings will be distributing a new cassette compilation from the Drug Fux entitled We Will Get YouWiener Records out of California will be releasing the tape and you’ll be able to purchase the retro product on their site as well as on the Jib and 13 sites!

Finally, my show schedule has been somewhat light this year, but below are some upcoming summer dates…

Wednesday, July 8th – Private Party – Hudson, 6pm (J TEMP 13)

Saturday, July 11th – Spitfire Saloon – Cleveland, 10pm (HH&C)

Sunday, July 26th – Orgcore Fest: Foundry – Cleveland, 2pm (HH&C)

Saturday, August 1st – OROC 5K Walk/Run – Cleveland, 9am (J TEMP 13)

Saturday, August 8th – Army/Navy Poker Run BBQ – Girard, 3pm (SHA)

Wednesday, August 12th – Brent Kirby’s 10×3 Showcase: Brother’s Lounge – Cleveland, 9pm (J TEMP 13)

Thanks for reading.  Until next time…Peace!

Revisiting now available!

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13 Recordings is pleased to announce the release of Alison Tomin’s debut EP, Revisiting.  The four song set, tracked on May 3-4, 2014 and mixed over the summer, was one of the last projects recorded at Studio 13.  Alison performed all instruments and vocals while JT produced, engineered and mixed the album.  You can now pick up your copy on CD or digital download via Alison’s Bandcamp page.  Also, if you live in the Cleveland area, be sure to check out Alison in 2015 at a venue near you!

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes…

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Greetings!  It was another busy, yet fun summer filled with shows, studio work, parties and well, changes.  After 8+ years of residing and recording (and renting) in Studio 13, I decided to move on to a new phase of life and purchased a condo in downtown Cleveland.  I didn’t go far though…literally right down the block from 13 (same street even).  I love the Warehouse District neighborhood so I wanted to make my residence there more permanent.  Below is a pic of the view from my new bedroom…

View from Room






Anyway, I’m now settled in the new place and have resumed work in my studio (new name still to-be-determined).  I’m currently working on two tracks for an independent film called Lux in Tenebris, finishing up tracking for the new J TEMP 13 ep and preparing to record some tracks with Hot Ham & Cheese to be released next year for our 10-year anniversary.  There’s also a couple new projects in the works that I will share at a later date, and I’m also pleased to announce that Alison Tomin’s Revisiting will finally see the light of day on November 25th.  The four track ep, recorded at Studio 13 in May 2014, will be released on CD via 13 Recordings and through Alison’s own Bandcamp page.  More details are forthcoming.

That’s all for now though.  More cool news coming soon.  Peace!

Summer Shows…

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Hell yeah!  Summer is finally here!  Below is my calendar of shows for the next 3 months.  The list will continue to grow so please check back for updates.  Thanks!

Saturday, 5/24 – Blossom Time Festival – Chagrin Falls, 6pm (SHA)

Friday, 6/20 – Red Lantern – Kamm’s Corner, 9pm (SHA)

Saturday, 6/21 – PurpleStride Cleveland – Voinovich Park, 8am (DJing)

Saturday, 6/28 – AFK Night at the Races – Girard, 7pm (DJing)

Friday, 7/11 – Musica Pretty in Punk – Akron, 8pm (Hostile Omish – subbing for Davey)

Saturday, 7/12 – The Spitfire Saloon – Cleveland, 10pm (HH&C)

Sunday, 7/27 – Private Party – Macedonia, 3pm (SHA)

Friday, 8/8 – Chesty’s Blue Collar Tavern – Girard, 9pm (SHA)

Sunday, 8/10 – Private Party – Akron, 3pm (SHA)

Friday, 8/29 – Cleveland Agora CLE Music Fest – Cleveland, 7pm (HH&C)

Friday, 9/26 – The Spitfire Saloon – Cleveland, 10pm (HH&C)


Hello world…haven’t posted in the past couple months, but there is a lot happening these days…







First off, my latest solo album, J TEMP 13 – Minute to Kill It, will be available for purchase on 5/20/14 via Bandcamp and in CD format w/ bonus tracks.  The first 10 tracks were recorded for the 2014 RPM Challenge and tracks 11-16 (CD only) consist of various songs that were written/recorded for films over the past couple years but were not officially released.  Just visit the MTKI Release Page to pick up your copy!








Also, the WLFK film The Demon’s Odyssey will make it’s world premier on Sunday, May 18th at the Cedar-Lee Theater.  13 Recordings will be releasing the Motion Picture Soundtrack on 5/27/14 in CD format; however, advance copies will be available at the premier.  My contributions to this film include a small part as a cultist, writing/performing/producing the theme song “Mister Sinister” with Chad Jenson (aka Pontius Pilot), writing/performing/producing a music piece entitled “The Demon Dinner” and performing on the Hot Ham & Cheese cover of NIN’s “Wish” (from our album Wake Part 2).  Visit the Cedar-Lee website to purchase advance tickets for the premier…the DVD will be released soon via WLFK Productions as well.  Stay tuned.

Finally, I’ve been really busy over the past month on the production side of things working with artists/friends Eli Fletcher, Brad Demiter and Alison Tomin.  Also, work has been resumed on my self-titled e.p., which is scheduled to come out at some point this fall.  Below are planned releases coming via 13 Recordings…

Eli Fletcher – Used To Be/Ship of Stone (single – Spring 2014)

Alison Tomin – Revisiting e.p. (Spring/Summer 2014)

J TEMP 13 – Self-titled e.p. (Fall 2014)

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading.  Until next time…


RPM 2014, solo e.p. and more!

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Happy New Year…even though it’s now March!  It’s been a rough and extremely cold winter here in Cleveland, but as usual, I dealt with it by spending the majority of January and February writing and recording new songs.  In January, I began work on a “yet-to-be-titled” solo ep at the newly revamped Track Six Studios.  This set will feature tracks like “Crank It Up (2-10)” and “L5 Blues”; however, it’s still early in the process so this album will probably see a late summer/early fall release.

That said, Brandon (Youngs – Track Six owner) and I took February off so we could each work on our respective albums for the 2014 RPM Challenge.  Brandon is producing the 2nd Poor Ass Leon album, and I knocked out another J TEMP 13 project entitled Minute to Kill It, an album of 10 tracks that are each a minute long (give or take a couple seconds).  It was written and recorded February 8 – 28 at Studio 13 and mastered by Brandon with artwork by Dennis Baker (see below).  I plan to release the album this spring via digital download and CD.  The disc will contain bonus tracks that were recorded over the past couple years with most being unreleased.  The tentative track list is below as well…

charlie RPM 2014 cover_0001







J TEMP 13 – Minute to Kill It

  1. The Delta Vibe
  2. Outta Yo Head
  3. Pantera
  4. New Mark
  5. WHH
  6. Plus Size Pixie
  7. Inverted Red Star
  8. N.M.T.
  9. Shot Down
  10. Any of This

CD Bonus Tracks…

11.   Still Have A Soul (Templeman & Youngs)

12.  Power of Tan (Previously released as Alice & Ace Disgrace)

13.  Sorry (from the short film Independence Day)

14.  Wasted Popp (unused track from the On the North Coast sessions)

15.  Dinner with Vampires (from the upcoming WLFK film The Demon Odyssey)

16.  When Angels Fall (from the short film Fallen Plans)

“Outta Yo Head” was selected as the track that will be played during the RPM World Listening Party later this month and “Shot Down” was submitted to Songfight! for the week of March 10th.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting this site, it’s pretty cool.  So, please check it out and cast your vote for J TEMP 13!

Finally, in addition to writing and recording, the past few weeks have been eventful to say the least.  HH&C returned to the stage in late January to start our 9th year in existence (hard to believe), SHA reunited a couple weeks back after a year+ hiatus and will be playing party tunes all spring and summer long at an establishment near you and finally, my only sibling, Tara, gave birth to her first child, Noah Michael on February 27th.  Check out his pic below…he’s a keeper!

Noah - Day 3







That’s all for now.  Until next time…


Movie Tracks!

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Well, I haven’t posted since the release of AS2, but I’ve had good reason.  It’s been a busy summer for placing songs and writing and recording custom tracks for movies and short films…

Below is a video that I produced for ICAA (Independent College Advancement Associates) for their 2013 Summer Conference.  The featured song is “Wasted Popp”, which is a leftover track from the On the North Coast sessions.

Over the summer and into the fall, I was also fortunate to have a hand in writing and producing four songs…

Demon Single FIN









The first track, Mister Sinister, was written and recorded by Chad Jenson and I aka Pontius Pilot.  It’ll be released digitally worldwide next week on Tuesday, 10/29.

The other three tracks were produced for short films…

“Sorry” was written, produced and performed by JT (aka J TEMP 13) for Independence Day, a participant in this past summer’s 48 Hour Film Project.

“When Angels Fall” was also written, produced and performed by JT for the short film Fallen Plans, which is set to debut in 2014.

Finally, JT and Brandon Youngs (Track Six Productions; Poor Ass Leon) collaborated on a track called “Still Have A Soul” that was written and recorded for Undead Fred, a film that will be featured in this fall’s 48 Hour Horror Film Project.

Thanks for reading!


Alcoholik Spok 2

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Alcoholik Spok and 13 Recordings are pleased to announce the release of the group’s sophomore effort Alcoholik Spok 2.  The album was written and recorded for the 2013 RPM Challenge and features JT and PF2 with appearances by Louie Styx, Slowhand Jack and 9E$V$.  Officially released on 4/20/13, AS2 can now be purchased by visiting the Releases tab on this site…download your free copies of “The Starship Chainsaw” and “Starting a Witch Hunt” too!!

Alcoholik Spok returns!

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Yep…just like the title says. PF2 and I have decided to throw our hats in the ring yet again and record Alcoholik Spok 2 for the 2013 RPM Challenge (http://www.rpmchallenge.com). So far, two songs have been written with drums and basic guitars already recorded. This effort looks like it will be heavier and more intense than the first record, but we’ll see. Keep stopping back for updates. And, 13 Recordings will release the finished album in March/April so stay tuned!

Better Late Than Never…

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Happy New Year! I hope the “Year of 13” is a good one for all!

A little over 3 years ago, I recorded and submitted a rhythm guitar track for a song called “2 Ways” that was slated to be included on Methods of Mayhem’s 2nd album A Public Disservice Announcement. Tommy Lee and company set up a website called The Public Record where musicians from all over the world could download a rough mix of the various MoM tracks, add their spin to it, then send it back with the hope that their part would be included on the album (click here to read more about the process).

Well, the album was released in September 2010, but I just officially found out last month (a few days before Xmas to be exact) that my guitar track was included on the record. Track #6, “2 Ways”. I guess the band and Scott Humphrey (Producer) chose a little over 100 submissions for the entire project out of 10,000+. I consider this a great honor not only because I was selected to be a part of something that made music history, but also because I have been a huge fan of Tommy Lee and Motley Crue since I was a kid. Rock and roll!

Finally, on a side note, because I produced the original score for the WLFK film On The North Coast, I received another IMDb listing. My personal profile page is here.

Thanks for reading!