XING2 – Early 2K Demo Mixtape (E13 017)









Release Date – January 19, 2018

Track List

  1. XING2 Early 2K Demo Mixtape Part 1
    1. Moloch
    2. Consumer Commodity (early idea demo)
    3. Wasted Away
    4. Witch/Lost/Beautiful Soul/Barkie’s Revenge
  2. XING2 Early 2K Demo Mixtape Part 2
    1. Welcome to my World (early version)
    2. Moloch (newer version)
    3. Mr. Schizzo (early version)
    4. Underground
  3. XING2 Early 2K Demo Mixtape Part 3
    1. coldfish (padded cell mix)
    2. Wasted Away (newer version)
    3. New Trilogy
      1. Intro/Welcome to my World
      2. New America
      3. Mr. Schizzo

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Album Notes…
After the break-up of Xing in 1998 and prior to the official formation of the j. pyramid in 2001, there was a project dubbed “Xing2” (never really had an official name) consisting of George Cowdrey (drums), Mike Chomos (bass) and John Templeman (guitar/vox). The music on this original cassette was written by the band in 1999/2000 with these actual recordings being tracked in early 2000 (the final two tracks were recorded on 4/15/2000).

Some of these songs ended up appearing on the j. pyramid’s first EP, Tradition Kills Intelligence; some were early ideas for what became songs; some never materialized as songs; and some did but were recorded in later forms and/or never released. Any way you slice it, this tape represents a moment in time of a young band, gelling together, jamming and working out ideas. There are no vocals, but it’s cool to just zone or rock out to.

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XING2 is..
George Cowdrey – Drums
John Templeman – Guitar
Mike Chomos – Bass

Digitally Preserved by John Templeman for 13 Recordings
Mastered by Mr. Landers
Cover Photo by J.T.